1. Martin Bos

    Soft close problems boot e89 Z4

    Hello, Let me first introduce myself. My name is Martin Bos from the Netherlands. And recently the owner of a Z4 35i. That's why I joined this forum. Now since yesterday I have the problem that the soft close of the boot keeps switching on and off. Now I saw that it is a common problem. Does...
  2. E

    Rear Boot Actuator £700 - Z4 2012

    Hi guys, after taking my Z4 for a service this time last year, regrettably to a non BMW specialist, I wonder if they caused a problem with the computer as immediately after the service, it had a handbrake fault, it just stopped working. When I took it to a BMW specialist, there was nothing wrong...
  3. colb

    E46 Camshaft Sensors and lower intake boot

    Not on a Z but on my mates 2.5 Series 3 Coupe from 2001. Lumpy running juddering at low speed, bad tickover. Code reader on it revealed codes set for camshaft sensors inlet and exhaust. Car did not have a MIL light on. Replaced both camshaft sensors, also spotted that the lower intake hose had a...
  4. M

    How To Guide Boot or other Zed locks key matching and disassembly (mega tutorial)

    Hello Zedders Some of you might know me for my sometimes seemingly crazy projects and experiments, this is one of them J If you are having problems with your locks (this is for a boot lock, but similar concepts will apply to the door and glove box locks), be it sticking locks, broken locks...
  5. T

    Hi. Cornell from London.

    Help. Help. Cannot remove key from BMW Z3 boot. Need it removed as same key starts car.
  6. Mac_Gaz

    Wanted Boot key lock - Rubber surround/grommet

    Boot lock out on my project car to repair the snotty area around the chrome key lock... I’ve searched my garage top to bottom but I can’t find the bloody grommet/rubber look ck surround. It’s done my head in!!! Can anyone assist? Please.
  7. AndrewA

    Boot Lock Mechanism

    Hi All, So...I was merrily enjoying a drive in my 1999 Z3 back from Brighton today when the boot won't shut! Looked like the lock wasn't catching. Anyhoo lashed the boot shut and called the AA. Initially problem looked like the mechanics around the key (i.e. The stuff on the LHS, not the actual...