1. Mihir Korke

    Body scuttle z3 roadster- what could be the causes?

    Hi everyone. Have a 3.0 with under 27k miles but feel the body scuttle as I go over train tracks or uneven roads, mostly at speeds under 40mph. What are typical causes and solutions you have encountered.
  2. DanielleHN

    To Chrome or Not To Chrome?

    Hi all I've been looking at getting a bigger size alloy on my beautiful little zed but I didn't want to deviate from the original alloys. The original alloys are the traditional 16" star shaped (attached photo). The gills (as I like to call them) are chrome and I am going to get chrome door...
  3. dva99999

    Wanted Arctic Silver pre-face lift wide bodied body panels

    As the title suggests I'm looking for Arctic silver panels, namely, Lower front drivers and passengers side panels under the side grills. Rear drivers and passengers side wing. Must be rust and bubble free as mine are starting to show. Thank you