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    1999 BMW Z3 on the South Downs today.
  2. ScottDarkness

    One of you

    Hi, my name is Scott and I too am a Zedaholic. Gutted '99 roadster with m54 3.0 swap track car turning into a daily panty dropper. Key West, Florida.
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    Ready For First Run Of 2021 Today. After a list of jobs(I/sills, New O/sills, Discs/Pads,Central Locking)
  4. Beckyhartline2


    I'm having alot of problems from my 1999 bmw z3 roadster 2.8. I just got it and its been broken down almost the entire time. I went to eat dinner came out and car wouldn't start. Its nit throwing any codes,it has fuel as will as fuel pressure, ive changed cam sensor, I've changed crank sensor...
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    Having some difficulties needing advice
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  7. ktnez99

    Wanted BMW Z3 2.8L Wide Body Pre-Facelift Hard Top with Fixing Kit (any colour)

    Hard top and fixing kit wanted in any colour and excellent condition for a BMW Z3 2.8L Wide Body Pre-Facelift Roadster, 1999 year.