1. A

    Found Wanted pre facelift widebody

    I’m after a pre facelift wide body, not fussy on the engine size. My budget is 3k. Would ideally like black or Boston green, but will consider other colours. Thanks!
  2. Amir Iqbal

    Returned roadster owner !

    Hi all, just making a quick introduction having been here previously with my older Z3 2.0. Currently have a Z3 2.8 pre-facelift, bought in the summer and done a few jobs since then on the car (most of it learnt through the forums and other Internet sources), having previously never tackled and...
  3. ktnez99

    Wanted BMW Z3 2.8L Wide Body Pre-Facelift Hard Top with Fixing Kit (any colour)

    Hard top and fixing kit wanted in any colour and excellent condition for a BMW Z3 2.8L Wide Body Pre-Facelift Roadster, 1999 year.