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    Having some difficulties needing advice
  2. MattM

    For Sale Poster of the evolution of BMW Z Series through illustration

    Following on from my previous for sale posts about the Z1, Z3 and Z4 posters, I have now completed a Z Series Evolution Poster. Available in landscape at 50cm x 70cm. Please visit my website. Thanks. Matt
  3. Reuben_A

    New Owner of a Z3 3.0i 2001

    Hi All, My name is Reuben and I've recently turned 21, I live in the United Kingdom in a small village on the outskirts of Northamptonshire. I have a few hobbies, I am a member of a tennis club in Northampton and am competing in the single and doubles box leagues. I have previously enjoyed...
  4. G

    Replacing After-stock Radio

    Hey everyone... I have an 1996 Z3 and I bought it with an after-stock radio already in it..... I wanted to get a newer one, one that has bluetooth and is overall better and nicer. I replaced the radio just fine. but it won't turn on or anything... Ive read that if you replace the radio with...
  5. E

    Z3 light track use?

    Hey all, I've picked up a 97 z3 its the 1.9L 5 spd man, Its going to be a daily but id love to take it to our local track, I'm not wanting it to be super fast because i know its not, just wanting to attack some corners and have a bit of fun. After some light research i see lots about the car...