1. BuxtonZ3Guy

    Audison Sound System In My Z3

    Hello chaps, When I purchased my Z3 it came with the original amplifier & speaker system. The cones were perished and the amplifier produced simply awful sound. So last August I took the plunge and had a descent sound system fitted. A mate of mine is in the business and did the fit for me...
  2. PR_210707_MSVT_DP_EVE_0447.jpg


    Donnington Park Track Day 2021, Composed considering the biblical rain that day.
  3. T11HMM

    Stereo Dead, I’m all out of ideas...

    Evening all... I resisted posting initially but now I’m all out of ideas. BMWZ3 2.8 1999. A few days ago my aftermarket stereo decided not to turn on and it’s been powerless since. I have checked all fuses under hood and on stereo which are fine, harness is fine too but still no power. I have...
  4. theurbanspectacle

    Pre-Inspection Car Purchase

    Just wanted to start off with that I don't know ANYTHING about cars except that the Z3 is my dream car, so I need some help. 😂 I'm hiring a mechanic to inspect a Z3 with almost 50,000Miles. Their pre-inspection entails: Do you guys have any notes I can send over to the mechanic to check...
  5. Beckyhartline2


    I'm having alot of problems from my 1999 bmw z3 roadster 2.8. I just got it and its been broken down almost the entire time. I went to eat dinner came out and car wouldn't start. Its nit throwing any codes,it has fuel as will as fuel pressure, ive changed cam sensor, I've changed crank sensor...
  6. 20200821_132306.jpg


    Having some difficulties needing advice
  7. MattM

    For Sale Poster of the evolution of BMW Z Series through illustration

    Following on from my previous for sale posts about the Z1, Z3 and Z4 posters, I have now completed a Z Series Evolution Poster. Available in landscape at 50cm x 70cm. Please visit my website. Thanks. Matt
  8. Reuben_A

    New Owner of a Z3 3.0i 2001

    Hi All, My name is Reuben and I've recently turned 21, I live in the United Kingdom in a small village on the outskirts of Northamptonshire. I have a few hobbies, I am a member of a tennis club in Northampton and am competing in the single and doubles box leagues. I have previously enjoyed...
  9. G

    Replacing After-stock Radio

    Hey everyone... I have an 1996 Z3 and I bought it with an after-stock radio already in it..... I wanted to get a newer one, one that has bluetooth and is overall better and nicer. I replaced the radio just fine. but it won't turn on or anything... Ive read that if you replace the radio with...
  10. E

    Z3 light track use?

    Hey all, I've picked up a 97 z3 its the 1.9L 5 spd man, Its going to be a daily but id love to take it to our local track, I'm not wanting it to be super fast because i know its not, just wanting to attack some corners and have a bit of fun. After some light research i see lots about the car...