1. Low Rider

    For Sale A pair of Z3 Clear Headlights. R1 & L1

    £225 delivered
  2. Bez

    BMW Z3 2.2 Sport automatic 2002

    Hi Guys Very excited to be a newbie on this forum. I love everything BMW, but especially my BMW Z3 2.2 Sport. She gets admiring comments whereever she goes. I know I have a lot to learn, but hopefully something to contribute too. Many thanks and great to be onboard.
  3. Cromford classic car show 2023

    Cromford classic car show 2023

    Regular local show and even after heavy over night storms ground was solid.some new interesting cars on show.All in aide of charity organised by local round ...
  4. Drive it day at Statfold

    Drive it day at Statfold

    Annual drive it day outing for charity went to Statfold Barn Railway near Tamworth.
  5. shelbs931

    97 Roadster. RUNS.

    For sale.. motor and Transmission are great. Tires great. Frame? Slightly bent.
  6. Low Rider

    Expired BMW Z3 Wind Deflector

    BMW Z3 1998-2002 Wind Deflector Original BMW Factory Part OEM. £135 Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class
  7. Low Rider

    Expired Z3 Boot Lid Carpet

    This was made by a member of and given to me. After a conversation we have decided to offer it for sale with the proceeds going to I would ask for the carriage charge to be paid by the purchaser. As for how much I really don't know so lets ask for offers and see were...
  8. Low Rider

    SOLD 👍

    BMW Z3 Badge Bonnet Grills 51138397505 Near Side 51138397506 Off Side Silver Bonnet Gills Trim Vent £25 for the pair posted.
  9. K


    George Shootie Deep Burgundy 2005 Z4 3.0 Love this car and it’s definitely my Baby! I promised myself if I made it through Brain radiation and chemo treatments that I would buy my dream car and I made it! 16 years later I am still kicking! 21 year survivor of terminal and inoperable brain...
  10. S

    Z3 not turning on

    Hello all! I just recently bought a BMW Z3 2001 3.0L and wanted to install a radio that has carplay. I installed the Jenson 910X and it was perfect and drove for many days.....until i decided, if i can do that, i can also do the backup camera. I routed the camera lines and put the main power...
  11. K

    Can anybody help identify whether this is Arctic, or Titan silver?

    I would like to buy a new bootlid (I don't like the spoiler that the previous owner put on this!), and would like to make sure its the correct colour. Any ideas what it is, or how I could identify?? Thank you!
  12. J

    X59 UYW looking for a specific Z3

    Hi everyone, I'm John. I'm looking for a specific Z3, 2.0, silver with red leather inteior, facelift UK model, born in November 2000. I was the original owner and loved that car, so i'm trying to find it in the hope that I can buy it back Its been SORN since Jan 2014 and the last owner...
  13. M

    I Fell in Love with the Z3

    Hello everyone! As a new member of Zroadster, I really look forward to learning a thing or two about the Z models. I have done very little research about the Z models, which is why I decided to go to this forum to learn more about it. My interest in the Zs started when my friends bought BMWs...
  14. Richardrix

    Z3 3G EWS Sound Codes / replacement fob

    Hi, new to Z3 ownership. Have a 1997 1.9. When I stop my car and take out the key, the alarm seems to make a noise, it sounds 3 times. I don't have a fob to set or clear the alarm. Does anyone know where I can find out what the alarm sounds mean? Do you know if it is possible to get a...
  15. E

    For Sale ** 1999 BMW Z3 1.9L **

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell my 1999 BMW Z3 1.9L Automatic in Montréal-Bleu colour with exactly 80,150 miles on the car. MOT till 03 June 2020. No rust that I can see. Engine oil, k&n air filter, brake pads, disc brakes, handbrake shoe and battery all brand new and done in September...
  16. hgg

    Bilstein B6 on Z3 1.9i stock springs

    Hi, I have the Z3 1.9i 2002 with stock springs (non sport) and its time to replace the shocks. I do not want to lower the car (terrible roads) so I will be using the stock springs. According to official Bilstein my only options are either the B4 which is OEM or the B8. The B8 though is tuned...
  17. Phil T

    For Sale Z3 hardtop fixing kit

    Slightly long story, but I have just found myself with a non genuine fixing kit surplus to requirements. Comes with full instructions & the all important demister switch. It's complete & until last weekend was on my own car. Can't seem to be able to persuade this section to upload pics, but will...
  18. JPB


    In this video I'm going through every step I took to swap my old steering wheel for my new one. I encountered a few common issues along the way such as trying to find the springs to release the air bag And also the snapping of some crucial plastic sections. Every issue I encountered I've also...
  19. JPB

    Cold air intake upgrade

    I made a short video on my whole process upgrading my stock air intake to a RAMAIR on my BMW Z4 E85 2003. View: Video installing heat shield and bracket coming soon, along with sound difference and impressions.