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    New toy being delivered from Northumberland to Bridgend Wales.
  3. S

    New Z3 owner! Happy but dirty hands already!

    Hi all! I'm very happy to finally be able to introduce myself on the forum as the proud owner of a 2001 2.2i Z3. I've been dreaming of this car for a long time and I finally get to drive one! Or well... Kind of. She ran great until I did a Vanos seals job and now my fuel trims have rocketed for...
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    Ready For First Run Of 2021 Today. After a list of jobs(I/sills, New O/sills, Discs/Pads,Central Locking)
  5. D


    Hi, I’m Debbie from San Diego and just joined. I’ve owned my 1997 Z3 since 2005. It just turned 50,000 miles today on a beautiful drive through Rancho Santa Fe. I love seeing the heads turn when we drive our z’s.
  6. S

    Z3 (retrofit) Heated Seats - Cabling help & more

    Hello everyone. I have a big long query with regards to my (newly bought) heated seats. I have read most of the threads and some other but still have some difficulties. Please note that all picture are from passenger side. I would please like to ask the following: Q1 - I did read that all...
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    Having some difficulties needing advice
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  10. Krisztian Somodi

    Hi all, newbie Z3 2.8 owner

    HI all. I have bought a year 2000 BMW Z3 2.8 with 70k miles in Titansilver, but it is a bit of a project. Rust on sills, rust on rear wings, rust on front wings, but nothing on the bonnet. I have purchased the rear wings from FB marketplace in perfect condition, no rust from a Japanese import...
  11. Jane Race

    Wanted: key fob for Z3 (1997)

    Hi, Does anyone know of a supplier of key fobs for my z3? Please see photo; if you have one that you no longer need, please let me know. Thanks, Jane
  12. Chasen

    How To Guide BMW Z3 airbag light turn off by BMW B800 Airbag Reset Tool

    BMW Z3 old car but the airbag light keep on to annoy you! You can check below and know the easiest cheapest way to solve this trouble! Tool you need: BMW B800 Airbag Reset Tool for most BMW 1994 to 2003 Connect BMW B800 with BMW Z3 using the round 20 pin connector. The round 20 pin diagnostic...
  13. kyrix1st

    POLL Coilover choice?

    I am just looking to race competitively in ~2,000cc class, but I've noticed that there aren't many coilover choices for BMW Z3, particularly M44 model. With little research I've done, KW V3 seems to be the best choice, but I am open to all suggestions so I decided to make a poll :) It'd be...
  14. B

    Overheating Problem No Solution found??

    Hi all,i am new on this site. I have my z3 m44 1.9 143 hp. One problem- So,i checked everything,i changed the water pump brand new,thermostat,i checked if the radiator is blocked somehow it is not. My engine overheats when i go on the motorway.It goes really fast to red,and when i switch on the...
  15. B

    Will These Fit???

    I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not these wheels would fit my 2001 BMW Z3 2.5i Roadster: Front; 17x8 ET40 Rear; 17x9.5 ET15 Center Hub Size; 72.56mm (says they come with hub-centric rings) They are SSR Type-C I'm lowered on BC coilovers and would not mind having to run...
  16. Ruff

    My first post..

    Hello Everybody! M name is Anthony, jack of all trades, master of none for the most part... I have a 2000 z3 2.8 roadster that I have had for just about a year now even though it's been in my family since it was new. It spent most of its time indoors, not driven and it was not happy. Under 50k...
  17. pgunter

    BMW Z3 3.0 - Fiona

    Well as a few of you will know I purchased a Z3 3.0 and it was a mission to collect the car. 730 mile round trip with @Oldguysrule @Lee & @GazHyde After some consideration and with her Northern Irish links, she has been named 'Fi' short for Fiona or in the gaelic 'Fionn' meaning beautiful...
  18. Amzed

    New to the zroadster community with my just purchased z3!

    Hi all, Yesterday I became the owner of a '97 z3. I'm surprised and delighted at how capable this little car is with a 1.9 litre engine. It was hard to find one reasonably priced in reasonable condition. Car has 87k miles and had a well detailed service history by the second owner who...
  19. pinkpiggy

    Wanted M front bumper

    Hello guys, sorry for doubling thread. But even when i won the auction with "buy now" button and payed the bumper i found before, after 2 weeks seller decided he will not send the bumper and he added it again for sale (and doubled price). All work on my z3 wait 2 weeks because of one f****...
  20. Alan W

    Water pump 6 cyl

    Ok, those of you who belong to the Z3 UK Facebook group will know that the bearing on my 2.8 water pump failed causing the shaft to bend and the viscous fan to self destruct on the shroud and radiator.. On the plus side like think that although the radiator bears some superficial scars l don't...