1. inkey$

    POLL Bilstein B4 vs Bilstein B12

    I'm confused! Looking at suspension upgrades for my 2.8 and originally earmarked a set of B4's with Eibach Pro Springs to refresh and lower the car by 30mm. But the B12 Pro kit includes springs and is cheaper. I want the car to be lower than OEM but not to the detriment of ride quality. I...
  2. Peimli

    Bilstein B12 Pro kit needed!!!

    Well here goes nothing.... I ordered last week Tuesday evening from a Bilstein B12 Pro kit, which was at the time in stock as it showed on the website. Kept calling them and than in the end they told me it’s a warehouse in Berlin which is it going to be delivered from so I...
  3. Peimli

    Upgrading shocks on 2001 Z3 3.0i roadster

    Hi guys, I want to exchange my original shock absorbers and springs. I either would like to keep it the original stiffness or slightly stiffer perhaps as I’m worried if it’s too stiff it would damage the subframe. I was thinking a set of Bilstein B4 or a little harder B6. Any experience with...
  4. hgg

    Bilstein B6 on Z3 1.9i stock springs

    Hi, I have the Z3 1.9i 2002 with stock springs (non sport) and its time to replace the shocks. I do not want to lower the car (terrible roads) so I will be using the stock springs. According to official Bilstein my only options are either the B4 which is OEM or the B8. The B8 though is tuned...
  5. inkey$

    Monroe Reflex or Bilstein B4?

    Have just ordered a set of Eibach Pro lowering springs from German eBay. Question is, what shocks? Want to keep the spec fairly oem, just lowered a little and some added road holding. Choice is down to Monroe Reflex or Bilstein B4s. Recommendations? Any links to a any good prices also...