bbs rs

  1. Toby Mills

    BBS RS copies fitted

    I decided to fit 17x7.5j Lenco BSX wheels to my Z as I was getting bored of the tiny 15" pepper pots. With a lot of courage I decided to go for the gold colour but I personally think it contrasts well with the arctic silver! This car is not where I want it to be. I am aiming to fit coilovers...
  2. Toby Mills

    Advice on wheel sizing?!

    HI there, I have just bought a 1998 1.9 z3. I am very excited to get started on it and make it look good! My z3 is currently fitted with the classic pepper pot wheels. However, I am debating changing them to the BBS RS style alloys. The previous owner fitted the wheels with some brand new...