1. Suedezed

    Help! Battery smoking

    Happy Sunday all. On Friday I noticed there was quite a bit of smoke coming from the battery and distinctive smell. Car turned off ASAP and battery disconnected, and made sure I was well away from the vehicleis sat at the moment. Could anyone shed some light on how much of a pain is this going...
  2. fatlad

    👋 Hello! (new participant alert)

    Hi Everyone! First-time caller here! ☺. I've owned my 5-speed 2000 E36/8 since—2000. We're now almost at 200,000 miles together, so I'm the guy to ask about Z high mileage! I do apologize, but this is an introduction and a question at the same time. A few days ago, I drove to my office...
  3. tigervig

    Water in battery compartment and small tube

    Battery compartment seem to get water collected from somewhere. Can't see any leaks from the middle break light area or on the carpets on the boot. There is also a small rubber tube that seems to have got disconnected from some where. Any idea what this tube do and how the water get collected?.
  4. S

    Z3 not turning on

    Hello all! I just recently bought a BMW Z3 2001 3.0L and wanted to install a radio that has carplay. I installed the Jenson 910X and it was perfect and drove for many days.....until i decided, if i can do that, i can also do the backup camera. I routed the camera lines and put the main power...
  5. Paul35

    Replacement Battery

    Hi All I have not been on the forum for a bit but i'm trying to get my Z3 back on the road for the summer. One thing i definitely need to replace is the battery, but looking on eBay i'm bamboozled by the number of options available and of course the last thing i want to do is install the wrong...
  6. pinkpiggy

    Wanted Z3 M battery box

    Hello guys, because of my plan is "rebuild" my trunk on my coupe on m trunk (because of exhaust), i would like to buy battery box. I am located in Czech republic (post is probably only solution). As well as battery box i would love to buy the toolbox as well (tools doesnt need to be included)...