1. S

    Z3 not turning on

    Hello all! I just recently bought a BMW Z3 2001 3.0L and wanted to install a radio that has carplay. I installed the Jenson 910X and it was perfect and drove for many days.....until i decided, if i can do that, i can also do the backup camera. I routed the camera lines and put the main power...
  2. Paul35

    Replacement Battery

    Hi All I have not been on the forum for a bit but i'm trying to get my Z3 back on the road for the summer. One thing i definitely need to replace is the battery, but looking on eBay i'm bamboozled by the number of options available and of course the last thing i want to do is install the wrong...
  3. pinkpiggy

    Wanted Z3 M battery box

    Hello guys, because of my plan is "rebuild" my trunk on my coupe on m trunk (because of exhaust), i would like to buy battery box. I am located in Czech republic (post is probably only solution). As well as battery box i would love to buy the toolbox as well (tools doesnt need to be included)...