alarm system

  1. C

    3 chirps when using key fob

    Hey all, I have a 1998 BMW Z3 2.8 with a recently replaced oem radio head unit. When replacing the head unit I was sure to re-install the endcap piece that screws in (apparently this has something to do with the factory alarm system). I checked the door, hood, and trunk sensors, and they seem...
  2. J

    2001 Z3 stereo install

    After 5 years of just OK sounds in my Z3 (2001, 3.0L, 5-speed, Black/Tan, M-sport upgrade, 85k miles) I have just finished a new stereo install. I built a custom sub enclosure for the 8" JL 3W3 sub and used Hertz speakers for the front and rear. I ran all of this with a Pioneer AVH3500NEX with a...
  3. Geoff Crispin

    Imobiliser correct procedure

    On my Sept. 98 1.9 the little red light by heated seats switches flashes once when ignition is switched on/off but light does not flash on/off all the time when car is locked, and hazard lights do not flash When ignition key is taken out you get a selection of bleeps and sounds, and my key just...