airbag light

  1. S

    Airbag and diagnostic early '98 1.9 Z3

    Hello all Many threads cover this but I'm having trouble nailing down the answers to be specific to my car. So--- Battery failed completely and new one installed Before turning key to start all warning lights test and extinguish except airbag which goes out for 1 second then lights again...
  2. C

    New Z3 Owner - Excited to be here!

    Greetings! I've wanted a Z3 for about 20 years; I just bought my first one. It's a 2001 2.5 with a manual transmission. I'm having great fun with it! I had a few things to sort out, one of which was the airbag light is on. The local dealer diagnosed it as the wiring harness and connectors...
  3. inkey$

    OBD reader?

    I have an intermittent airbag light on my ‘99 2.8 pre-facelift. I also have a Bluetooth OBD plug and a B800 eBay special, plug in code reader/code clearer. Neither of them seem to work when plugged into the OBD port under the dash, with the B800 unit flashing an E10 code back at me (unable to...