1. B

    Scissor lift vs Trolley jack

    Bought a Z3 a couple of years ago when our other car got written off and have taken to teaching myself gradually how to look after it properly and do some of the routine maintenance, amongst other things. Next on the list is oil and filter change, to that end I need to invest in something to...
  2. Toby Mills

    Steering wheel help!?

    I have the non M sport/pre facelift steering wheel on my 1.9 z3 I cannot find a micro suede/alcantara retrim specific for a 'z3 wheel'. Does anybody know if this wheel was used on other BMWs? I may have more luck finding a cover if i know the exact wheel name, or typing in another model this...
  3. J

    About to join the club

    I confess!! I’m an imposter! I am not yet a Z3 owner. BUT all that is going to change in a matter of days. So I thought I should ask the experts how best to avoid ending up with a turkey. If anyone can suggest common and/or expensive things to look out for as I start looking at Z3’s with...