abs light

  1. MoistToast

    2001 3.0i Help! ABS, Traction and Amber Brake Light

    Replaced brake disc, pads, wear sensors and checked/cleaned ABS (look well intact). Can’t get a code with my BlueDriver obd2 scan tool. What’s my next avenue? thanks!
  2. n_mistry

    ABS+ASC module, fault lights and hot wheel...?

    I’ve been getting intermittent ABS, traction control and parking brake lights come on. When they come on, I turn the car off and start up again and lights disappear, until some random time. I have noticed that at times there is an odd smell from the front off side wheel after faster driving so...
  3. Greybloke

    How To Guide The dreaded yellow lights

    Hi, looking for some guidance here, I ve had the abs asc lights on and off in the last few months and typically they choose to pop on during mot test. Ok I think I have to sort this, I bought a C110 and adaptor and its telling me both front sensors and pump motor. I've tried removing one of the...
  4. NeRo

    ABS & Brake warning lights on dashboard

    Recently had all the brake pipes replaced - after a couple of weeks, I now have the ABS & Brake warning lights on the dashboard I put it back to the garage and they put it on the diagnostic machine - the following codes were shown 5E40 - Steering angle implausible 5E32 - Transverse...
  5. Acousticplayer

    asc and abs lights on.Help needed please.

    Hi all. Just bringing my Z out of hibernation for its mot.Not used it very much if at all over the last year but now intend to bring it back into the fold.Unfortunately the asc and abs lights on the instrument panel are showing.Took it for a hard run but they won't go away.Looking at what...