1. MoistToast

    Z3 3.0I Magnaflow 11385 Muffler Swap

    As the title describes! made a short video of the new muffler on the m54b30 engine. Not a lot of videos of exhaust mods on this car so I hope this helps someone decide in the future! I love it despite the drone at 2-2.5k rpms. Has a great gurgle when its hot and engine braking! Definitely gave...
  2. elky

    Hi my name is Lefteris with a Z3 3.0i 2001

    Last year in June I managed to get one of my childhood loved cars, a Z3. I live in Denmark and so far it has been more or less my daily :D. So far the mods are: - K&N intake - Black Diamond sport clutch - Powerflex black series diff mount
  3. BuxtonZ3Guy

    Hard top fitting queries.

    Hello chaps. Perhaps you can help? I have a facelift 3.0i Z3. The car did not come with a hard top. Before the questions, a few assumptions. 1) I actually have a hard top. 2) I actually have a fitting kit (the Holly Grail) for fixing the hard top to the car. 3) I actually have the switch...
  4. M

    New Owner Z4 E85 3.0 Manual

    Hello all! New round here and new to BMW ownership..aside from my E30 that we wont talk about. Coming from mainly jap (MR2 Turbo, MX5s) and jags (XKR, XJR). Few questions, I usually enter into a cannonball each year. Does anyone know the range of the 3.0? How much will a S/C affect the MPG...
  5. Reuben_A

    New Owner of a Z3 3.0i 2001

    Hi All, My name is Reuben and I've recently turned 21, I live in the United Kingdom in a small village on the outskirts of Northamptonshire. I have a few hobbies, I am a member of a tennis club in Northampton and am competing in the single and doubles box leagues. I have previously enjoyed...
  6. Zeno

    New owner of a 2001 z3 3.0

    Hey everyone, I've been browsing the forums for the past few months while hunting for my own, and I finally found it! I'd like to introduce my 2001 z3 3.0i, with the sports package. It has around 93k miles and for the most part is in good shape. It has a couple problems, mainly a small oil leak...
  7. Birobob

    New Member Hi

    This is my first Z4 it's a 3.0i auto, love the car well impressed with her. :)