1. Z

    Wanted Wanted : 2.8 chrome boot badge

    I’m after a 2.8 badge for the boot in chrome in decent condition please.
  2. Guy Braisted

    Dead Cylinder- help?!

    Just bought my baby and found out shortly after that cylinder 6 us dead! Troubleshooting has brought me to the conclusion that the problem is electrical. Either the cylinder 6 plug on coil harness is bad or the trouble goes back to the ECM! Before taking it to the shop I thought I’d ask if there...
  3. Lee46

    The quick turnaround

    Hi chaps, after my trusty alfa 159 cam belt came loose i needed a car to ‘get around in’ which led to looking at all sorts of cheap cars, nevertheless i ended up bidding on a z3 2.8 which like many other cars on ebay looked great on ebay. So far we’ve spent alot more on bringing this old girl...
  4. d0wnin

    d0wnin's Z3 (2.8)

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would introduce myself and show my progress for my Z3. I'm Chris and I brought my 2.8 Facelift Z3 in Topaz Blue at the start of August (Just over 2.5 weeks ago). The car was lacking some TLC when I got her (She's done about 77K miles). Factory Specifications: Car...
  5. Luke_z3


    I've been looking into rk tunes. has anyone ever done one? they are common with e36 BMW's and are known for crazy horsepower and used to shoot flames. though I don't know about z3's using them. if i posted this in the wrong place please let me know.
  6. Luke_z3


    hey guys, im going to purchase an M50 intake manifold (common mod on M52 engines) and a dinan high flow throttle body. i have a cold air intake and was wondering what i should get tuning wise. do i need more gas because im going to get more air. someone please help or send me a link or somthing...
  7. Luke_z3

    Need Help Finding Tuning Software

    i know that this is a place for new members but i didnt know where to post. i am looking for some software (preferably flash) to tune my 97 2.8 Z3. Could somebody help me find a place or find a thread to post on. thanks and have a good one
  8. 2DunnsZ3

    Magnaflow exhaust for 97 2.8

    Does anyone have a magnaflow catback system on their 2.8? If so ,do you know the magna flow number. I have found most of the time they say 76412. My confusion is listening to sound bites on line there are some that sound so much louder. I just want deeper ,and not much louder. I don't want a...
  9. J

    Hello All

    Hi, Thank you all for allowing me into your community. I have to be open to you all and say I am desperately looking for some advice! I don't currently own a 'Z' series car however am constantly searching for the right one (Z3). My plan is to use the car as a weekend car and take it to some...
  10. DanielleHN

    For Sale BMW Z3 2.8 1998 Wide Body Edition - Low Mileage

    Unfortunately I’m selling my beloved BMW Z3 wide body. I travel too often with work and I’m unable to use it as much as I’d like to! 1998 2.8 litre straight 6 engine 66,500 miles on the clock (just less) Full service history Refurbed original seats Refurbed original alloy wheels Replaced wing...
  11. Mike Klein

    Scanned error codes - 1999 Z3 2.8

    Hi al! My Z is due for inspection and the dreaded check engine light is on. Ran the scanner and it comes up with 5 codes. First two are codes 25 and 55, Lambda Sensor Heater -Bank 1 - O2 sensor and Lambda Sensor Heater -Bank 2 – O2 Sensor. I recently replaced both pre-cat O2 sensors and while it...
  12. geeloo 1999 2.8 Z3 (2016)

    geeloo 1999 2.8 Z3 (2016)

  13. geeloo 1999 2.8 Z3 (2016)

    geeloo 1999 2.8 Z3 (2016)

  14. geeloo 1999 2.8 Z3 (2016)

    geeloo 1999 2.8 Z3 (2016)

  15. geeloo 1999 2.8 Z3 (2016)

    geeloo 1999 2.8 Z3 (2016)