2.8 silver

  1. Beckyhartline2


    I'm having alot of problems from my 1999 bmw z3 roadster 2.8. I just got it and its been broken down almost the entire time. I went to eat dinner came out and car wouldn't start. Its nit throwing any codes,it has fuel as will as fuel pressure, ive changed cam sensor, I've changed crank sensor...
  2. Krisztian Somodi

    Hi all, newbie Z3 2.8 owner

    HI all. I have bought a year 2000 BMW Z3 2.8 with 70k miles in Titansilver, but it is a bit of a project. Rust on sills, rust on rear wings, rust on front wings, but nothing on the bonnet. I have purchased the rear wings from FB marketplace in perfect condition, no rust from a Japanese import...