1. D

    Hi from Abergavenny

    Hi all Topaz blue 2.2i Z3 2001, owned since 2005. Still a joy. What happens in Wales? Dave (and Eleri)
  2. Mac_Gaz

    High Mileage

    Just been to view a 2002 plate 2.2 Sport - with a view to it being a second zed/project car. The car has 174k on the clock, first owner did over 160k, never missing a service. I was surprised how fit and tight the car was, the engine was sweet as a nut. The car had quite a bit of tin worm in...
  3. Mac_Gaz

    Zits and Scabs

    A cosmetics refresh, what a difference a week makes. This teenager is now zit free!
  4. James S

    Z3 2.2i now bought

    Hello forum members, It's good to be here. I've always been really into the classic, retro shape of the Z3 roadster and I'm hoping to buy my first one within the next couple of weeks. The dream is to take a reasonably well-maintained, low mileage car back up to near mint condition, and then to...