1997 z3

  1. M

    97 Z3 Engine Cooling Issues

    1997 Z3 Roadster - 1.9 - 88,000 miles Overheated after long drive when arriving in driveway - Lost fluid, refilled when cool. There is probably a leak somewhere, searching that out. Coolant was blowing out through the expansion tank cap, not a huge amount. Possible cap not holding pressure...
  2. DAStokes61

    Z3 in Capetown

    Hi, Im a newby to the whole car refurb community and have no idea what I'm doing. I'll be relying on this forum for direction and help - this could be fun......for me. I recently bought a 1997 Z3 2.8 in English Racing Green I'm sure the Germans call it some other colour. When I bought the car I...