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Zedonists Project "Frank Martin"

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  • The new family toy, it became apparent fairly quickly that with a wife, 4 kids & two dogs The Ford Galaxy was not going to be man enough for the job of ferrying the Zedonist Clan for A 2 B and on to Z in comfort, or style.

    So was born "Project Frank Martin", a 2007 VW T5 Transporter SWB 2.5 PD 174 Window Van

    Now it arrived with some great kit on it already as you can see in the photo's, but in true Zedonist tradition, you can guess what will be coming in the next few months.........Cue A Team montage music...............

    I also managed to get the Z3 involved in the pictures!
  • 2.5 PD 174 BHP 400 Nm Engine
    Electric Windows
    Air Conditioning
    Cruise Control
    Stereo CD
    Leather Seats X 6
    VW 16" Alloys
    Privacy Windows Side & Rear
    Flip Down DVD
  • Rear R-Line Roof Spoiler
    R-Line Chrome Side Bars
    R-Line Leather Quilted Interior
    Colour coded mirrors and bumpers

    To Come

    Front Chin Spoiler
    18" Alloys
  • To Come

    Lowered Suspension - Bilstein and Eibach
  • To come

    Full Double Din Sat Nav and AV system
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