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Twin Turbo


  • After having an E92 335i that had an few minor modifications - the cost of ownership was becoming an bind. 22/24 average MPG of super plus - and BMW warranty was finishing. Decided for an upgrade of the BMW evolution.

    Well I was looking at the 2 series originally as the 4 series just seem to big for me - anyway. I have lots of discussions with wife why should I purchase an car that carries me 95% of the time and both of us 99%. And purchasing an car that can carry 4 or 5 people that I only need 6 times an year! lol

    Anyway... Wife said at the Garage why don't you have an Z4 - as I know you want that, and no convincing was required.

    I went for the 28i, even though I was unable to drive it - it was all done spreadsheets and comparison of 328l vs 335i weight and performance. And established that I would save £50-£75 per month going for the 28i. And with the 100KG less weight and engine been lower down in the bay - be more entertaining to drive than the old "mistress"

    Dont get me wrong the N54 is an amazing engine and I do miss its raw power and the sweet radio station of 335i - as there is no need to listen to any other music as its plays Soal music, rock and some teckno! :rally:
  • Msport
    Wind deflector
    Extra Storage
  • JB4 =285bhp
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