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What happend to the weather...

Average User Rating:
  • The Z came to visit a number of times, and pleaded with me to adopt her as her human wasnt giving enough tlc.....the time came when he wanted rid as a new z4 was taking the limelight, mechanically sound and only a needing a good facial, I drove her home....with her nice bit of German grunt under the bonnet in the in the form of one of the last proper Beast of German engineering, the 2.8 straight six, rear wheel drive and no driver gizmos to get in the way....never fails to give me grin factor 10 on every drive we do.
  • as standard as possible,2.8 straight six with heated electric sports seats, M gear knob and steering wheel
  • great looking split rim wheels
  • standard
  • head unit...but never is on due to the 2.8 under the bonnet
Tom Martin and hard top like this.