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The Z3 at its new home

Average User Rating:
  • I liked the coupe when it first appeared in 1998-9 but the price tag was way out of my league at the time. I typically ignore cars I don't think I'll ever have because there's only so much drool I can expend in a lifetime. A little while ago I saw a beautiful Hell Rot Z3 at a local autocross and it just reminded me how much I liked the look. And suddenly realized that a 15-year-old BMW was going to cost a lot less than a new one in 1999.

    After a pretty diligent search for a couple of weeks, I discovered this Bostongruen beauty. With a little over 75,000 miles and in great mechanical and cosmetic shape, I bought it. And now it joins out little stable of a 1985 635CSi, 1995 525it, and a 2006 325i (amongst other toys).

    Love it!!
  • M52 Engine, Bostongruen Metallic, Sand Beige Interior, Fine Wood Extended Trim, Sunroof, 5-speed Manual Transmission.
  • Standard Type 47 wheels, Bostongruen Metallic (resprayed once - great job!)
  • None.
  • GROM Bluetooth audio module
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