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  • Well it started when I got mardy! Shouting at Jue "what do I have? I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't like football! I don't have a hobby!" Blar blar blar! It was decided as I always loved my cars that I'd be treated to an MGB roadster! Hooray you here me scream! After looking a lots of piles of s**** it was decided I wouldn't be treated to an MGB Roadster. Boo you here me cry! Jue and I hunted on autotrader amungst others for a more modern day 2 seater roadster. I was thinking SLK and then THE WIFE stumbled across the Zeds. I had never heard off nor taken and notice of them but then she said what about this one? It was a white (now assume wrapped) 1.9. I picked the phone up to be told he'd just sold it. So the hunt continued looking at nothing other than Zeds. Knowing nothing about them whatsoever. Always loving my cars I was well aware you couldn't go far wrong with a bmw so the decision was made. After looking at a few we came across the Zed that was to be named "Reggie". Montreal blue had become the colour of choice followed by Boston green.
    The car was in Chelmsford which is a good 2 1/2 hours away but hey its just a day out so off we went. The description by the seller on the phone was 100%. Drives perfectly with an excellent engine but requiring some tidying up. There was no rot at all but plenty of dings, stone chips and knocks to most panels. It had also had a small and badly repaired nudge to the off side rear wing. I dealt hard and got the car at a price I felt was fair considering it really wanted a full paint job. The rest as they say is history! :)
  • Standard 2.8 M52tu with LSD.
  • 18" E46 M3 replica alloys on Falkenham 452's.
    Walnut door card, air vent and full centre console kit.
    Walnut gear knob and handbrake.
  • Unknown brand Stainless steel exhaust.
    Strut brace.
    Chassis brace.
  • Sony single cd head unit with iPod connection.