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My Beautiful "Pidge" 2.8i 1998

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  • I currently own a BMW 425d M Sport, I've worshiped it for the last 18 months however I use it to travel the UK for work although it is my own car. As of last week I'd decided to pursue a life-long dream of owning a sporty little Z3 so off I went to buy one.

    Plenty of research and searches later, I am the proud owner of this beauty. A 1998 2.8i wide bodied Z3 and I'm absolutely in love. It only has 60k on the clock and the body-work is a dream apart from those corroded mirrors which will be repaired this weekend.

    That leaves me in the fortunate position of keeping my 4 Series for the working week and using the Zed on the weekend and in good weather!
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