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KevinMacs Z3 project

Average User Rating:
  • Looked in the Craigslist classified to replace. a 69 Chevelle SS Convert. that was lost due to medical bills and found this car. No pic just an add " BMW CONVERT PROJECT CAR 2800.00 u.s. Firm" This was the 8th BMW CONVERT. I looked at and most were beat up,abused or just plain junk till I found this one. No pic in the add and the guy tells me" it is my girlfriends car and she doesn't want to spend any more money on it" ( new top,radiator,hoses,tune up, eat.) so we fire it up....a/c blows ice cold and car RUNS like a champ. I offer him 2k and he asked how I'm gonna pay for it and why'll $100 bills come flying out of my pocket..... It's on like donkey kong now
  • That terrible ligh blue met. But I " know" somebody that paints and does custom paint and bodywork
  • Pretty much stock except for the paint and spoiler
  • 1.9l vents and cross drilled rotors, new rack and front end, working on support arms for suspension
  • 6 changer am/ fm cass.
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