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Dakar Yellow Z3 2.3

Average User Rating:
  • I bought my 2000 Z3 2.3A back in September 2008 with 63,000 miles on it. Since then it has taken us all over. To just about every US ZFest, except the one in Los Angeles. As the car sits it has approximately 156,000 miles and runs just as good as the day we bought it.
  • Model description: Z3 2.3
    Market: USA
    Type: CH93
    E-Code: E36 (7)
    Chassis: roadster
    Steering: links
    Doors: 2
    Engine: M52/TU - 2,50l (125kW)
    Drive: Heckantrieb
    Transmission: automatisch
    Body Color: Dakargelb 2 (337)
    Upholstery: Kunstleder/schwarz (K3SW)
    Production date: 05.04.2000
    Assembled in: Spartanburg

    Code Serienausstattung Standard Equipment
    S243A Airbag Beifahrer Airbag for front passenger
    S264A BMW LM Rad Sternspeiche 55 BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 55
    S354A Frontscheibe grün Grünkeil Green windscreen, green shade band
    S845A Akustische Gurtwarnung Acoustic belt warning
    S853A Sprachversion englisch Language version English
    S992A Steuerung Kennzeichenbefestigung Control of number-plate attachment

    Code Sonderausstattung Optional Equipment
    S205A Automatikgetriebe Automatic transmission
    S210A Dynamische-Stabilitäts-Control Dynamic stability control
    S260A Seitenairbag für Fahrer/Beifahrer Side airbag for driver/passenger
    S314A Aussenspiegel / Fahrerschloss beheizt Door mirror / driver's lock, heated
    S388A Verdeck schwarz Softtop, black
    S395A Überrollschutzsystem Rollover protection system
    S435A Edelholzausführung Fine wood trim
    S442A Getränkehalter Cup holder
    S494A Sitzheizung Fahrer/Beifahrer Seat heating driver/passenger
    S520A Nebelscheinwerfer Fog lights
    S530A Klimaanlage Air conditioning
    S658A Radio BMW Business CD RDS Radio BMW Business CD RDS
    S676A HiFi Lautsprechersystem HiFi speaker system
    S692A CD-Wechsler I-Bus Vorbereitung Preparation, BMW 6-CD changer I-bus
    S710A M Lederlenkrad M leather steering wheel
    S785A Blinkleuchten weiss White direction indicator lights
    S818A Batteriehauptschalter Battery master switch
  • Chromeline interior trim
    Style 86 Alloy Wheels
    ROW rear tail light wiring with rear fog lamps
    White lens 3rd brake light
    Hardtop for Winter months.
  • USA SPEC PA-12 iPod adapter.