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Celebrating 12 years with my Z4MC

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  • Bought this after seeing a Monaco Blue one at the Nürburgring in 2008, and having a bit of engine trouble in the e34 M5.

    Had planned to replace the M5 with something more modern, but the V10 M5 didn't float my boat and the e46 M3 was too 'common'.

    Finally whittled it down to either a CSL or a Z4MC, and the only CSLs in my budget were 60,000+ miles examples.

    Spent a couple of weeks looking at various cars for sale at dealers (these cars were only 1-2 years old at this time, so not a lot for sale privately, and £30k is a lot to drop on a private sale) - and settled on 3 that I'd spend time going to see over the next couple of days, as far afield as London, Bristol and Newcastle.

    Needn't have worried, as the first one I saw/test drove, I bought!

    It had 9,300 miles on it when I bought it in December 2008, and it now has 164,000 miles on it. It was run as a daily driver for a few years before going on the back-burner as a weekend/road trip car.

    I've never been scared to leave it out on the road/drive in all weathers, and it gets driven as it was meant to - in all weathers!
    • Individual Ruby Black (Rubinschwarz)
    • Individual Extended Champange interior
    • Piano Black trims

    • Lots of optional extras, with the exception on extended storage, TV and electrically-folding mirrors.
    • Skyer carbon rear ducktail spoiler
    • Recaro Pole Position ABE seats
    • Bilstein B16 PSS10 suspension
    • Porsche Brembo brakes with Pagid RS29s all round
    • OE strut brace
    • Eibach ARBs
    • Rogue Diablo exhausts

    Also had a Simota, then Gruppe-M carbon intake fitted, but was chewing through MAF sensors so removed them.
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