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BMW Z4 3.0i (Gran Tourismo 5)

  • Been playing Gran Tourismo 5 on the PS3 for a few days, and bought this little beauty :)

    Tuned from a standard 227bhp up to 408bhp, and tastefully modified to the chav style :ymdevil:

    • BMW Z4 3.0i (E85)
    • 2979cc
    • 227BHP
    • 1365kg
    • Daisy Wheel Alloys
    • BBS LM Alloy Wheels
    • Lowered Sports Suspension
    • Picnic table sized rear spoiler
    • Front air splitter
    • Carbon Fibre Bonnet
    • Weight reduction (down 234kg)
    • Stage 3 Engine Tuning
    • Sports ECU Remp
    • Racing air filter
    • Titanium racing exhaust
    • Sports exhaust manifold
    • Carbon Fibre Bonnet
    • Sports catalytic converter
    • 6 speed close ratio transmission
    • Twin plate clutch & semi racing flywheel
    • Carbon prop shaft
    • Fixed Sport suspension kit
    • Slick racing tyres
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