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BMW Z3 2.8L Supercharged

Average User Rating:
  • I always loved the bonnet shape and design of the front of the Z3. Likely sacrilege on this forum but I find the boot designed to be very dated so I made a plan to buy the car I loved from the front and adapt the rear to modernise it.

    With the Wide body I find the stance looks great already so just adding a little aggression to the bodywork brought it to my liking. I'd likely add a (small) wing to bring the "sumped" look up, but as with everything, I want to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing without compromising performance.

    I present my pride and joy backed by a year of blood, sweat and tears :)
  • Paintwork, skirts, front bumper, rear bumper, mesh, intake molding
  • Brakes, supercharger, intake, suspension, bushes, radiator, coolant tank, injectors, coolant piping, exhaust, electric fan conversion
  • It has a fold out head unit, touch screen, satnav, GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, reversing camera. Full sound system (uprated speakers all around and a sub, amp setup - all pioneer goodness).