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BMW Z3 1.9 M44 Race Car

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  • Good Afternoon Roadster Fanatics :welcome:

    We are Coupes and Convertibles Racing, new to the scene of racing but not new for the love of anything Z.

    We have launched a new series called "Z Cars" where we can offer self builds or internal builds for the lovely Z3 1.9 M44 to join the All Comers 2018 season.

    The Self build can be made for as little as £5378 + Vat + Donor Car plus your labour of love :racecar:

    For us to complete the build for you add another £2250 + Vat to the above price

    We have a range of optional extras to add the the build if you want that little extra on the grid!

    For regular updates and progression on the builds have follow our Instagram page @c_c_racing or our Facebook page Coupes and Convertibles Racing

    Welcome to answer any questions you have or just general feedback good or bad.
    Info can be sent out, but register interest to the following Julian@coupesandconvertibles.co.uk :coolsteer)

    ATB and thank you for reading