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A love of Triumphs

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  • You may have guessed from my forum name that I like classic cars. I'm not too sure that the Z3 can be termed a classic although I'm sure that the M is well on it's way.

    Anyway, seeing the TR7 on here encouraged me to show you my two Triumphs

    Firstly my 1963 Triumph TR4 owned since 1997 and shown here (with my son posing) in Mayenne on the way to Classic Le Mans 2012


    In good company with friends...


    At the memorial to an American pilot who was shot down in 1944 but instead of saving his own life by baling out, flew his crippled P38 over the town saving the lives of some of its civilians.


    My other toy is another Triumph, a 1975 Stag shown here at Spa in 2013 (yes I know the hardtop is on, but I actually prefer it when touring abroad)


    At Reims - a very evocative place. A visit must be on any car enthusiast's bucket list. You can almost imagine the old racing cars thundering down the straight..


    I suppose I should include a photo of my daily driver, my faithful little Zed.


    So come on, there must be other forum members with some other interesting cars/bikes - lets see them!


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