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2007 MINI Cooper D

  • This was my daily hack for about three years. Was initially looking for a 118/120D but test drove the MINI as it's the only front wheel drive that BMW make ;)

    Surprisingly comfortable, and one of the best motorway cruisers I've owned (alongside my E39 525d). Quite happy cruising at standard motorway speeds!

    Uses a 1.6 PSA Diesel engine, which averaged around 57mpg over the three years and 30,000 miles. No technical issues except for a turbo inlet seal, which took 5 minutes to replace. No other costs except standard servicing and tyres.

    One of the best cars I have ever owned!
    • Lightning Blue
    • White Roof
    • White Bonnet Stripes
    • 15" Spooler Alloys (165/65/16)
    • Pepper Pack
    • Full Black Leather interior
    • Arm Rest
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