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ZRoadster.org has grown steadily since it's launch in December 2011 and has established itself as a fantastic resource for it's growing membership.

All the costs for running the site have so far been covered entirely by the site administration team, sales of merchandise, and the generosity of Asset ICT & Newbury Web Design. As the site has grown and developed those costs have inevitably started to increase (site hosting, software licensing, support contracts, maintenance and so on).

You have the option of making a one off payment, or a monthly recurring PayPal payment if you prefer.

To show our appreciation to you for making a donation, we want to show you some recognition for doing so. When you make a supporter donation the following functionality is added to your account

'Supporter' Ribbon will be displayed under your avatar.
Your own choice of custom user title to be displayed under your avatar.
Member name change if you want something different (max 2 times per year to avoid confusing others).
Bypass 5 post requirement to enter competitions run on the site.
Personal Photo Albums within the sites Media Gallery. Upload your photos, share them with the other members or post them in a thread.
Bookmarks allows you to collate and organise links to your favourite forum posts, showcase items or profile posts. Find your most accessed content more easily!

However if you wish to make a donation, but not receive the extras listed above there are options for that.

Read carefully before proceeding further

No refunds will be made relating to site donations
Donations can be made multiple times, and your account upgrade page will show you what you have donated previously.
If you wish to make a different donation to those listed on the next screen please contact GazHyde before clicking further!
Recurring donations will continue to be taken until the point YOU cancel

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Feb 27, 2014
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