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BMW Z3 Magnetic Stone Guards

BMW Z3 Magnetic Stone Guards protect the rear wings (wheel arches) on your BMW Z3.

BMW Z3 Magnetic Stone Guards protect the rear wings (wheel arches) on your BMW Z3. Easily fit these custom made BMW Z3 magnetic stone guards to your your car and help to protect the paint work.

The front wheels of the BMW Z3 tend to kick up stones and other road debris, which in turn hits the rear arches causing scratches and stone chips. As they are magnetic they can be applied in seconds, and removed just as easily when required.

It is of course essential that the stone guards and paintwork are completely clean before fitting to your Z3. The stone guards should be removed occasionally for cleaning, along with the paintwork underneath.
The price is £13 per set plus £5 postage and packing (UK Pricing only)*

For all orders outside the UK or general sales questions, please email me at ianconuel@sky.com for a quote!

Don’t forget to include your name, forum name (if applicable) and the required delivery address!

If you prefer to pay by cheque please email me. Cheques will need to be cleared before I despatch your goods.


Note: This product is hand cut may have slight dimensional variations between pairs and from left to right sides! MKII BMW Z3 Stoneguards
Apr 4, 2014
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