Removing BMW Z3 Roll Hoops
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There are various reasons why you may want to remove your BMW Z3 Roll Hoops, and in this particular case it’s because the car is being broken for parts. However with the various after market options, you may want to remove your OEM BMW Z3 Roll Hoops to replace them.

This process sets out to detail how to remove your Z3 Roll Hoops, and then remove the plastic interior panels too.

The Process

Hard to know where to start but I’ll try my best.

Obvious Phillips headed screws in speaker trim need to come out

and this sneaky one by the roof…

and these hex headed ones behind hoops too

Pop out the trim panel covers on side of hoops, with small flat headed screw driver

Forgot to take a snap of the inner and outer door sill covers, but they both need to come off to reveal this last Phillips screw.

Both trims come off with a bit of a yank, the outer one (with Roadster written on it) needs to get pulled at the door latch end away from the car first to pop that clip.

As I already had the centre console out these two were easy, not sure if they had to come out or not.

The centre panel between the roll hoops themselves does just pull off upwards but the rear clips are tight.

Mine had a HK sub in it which is 4 or so Phillips screws and a bit of jangling to lift out.

Inside now you can find the torx bit screw that needs to come out, you need both a 30 and a 40 bit for the 2 types of torx that hold the hoops in.

These are the others

Once out the hoops just slide out

Other plastic trim with Phillips head screws

including this one!

More random screws between back of trim and the folded done roof (x 3 under ‘ping off’ covers)

Two small screws holding top half of upper plastic trim on. It will now lift off after you have fed the seat belt through it. I had to lift (a little by hand) the roof to get the right angle.

Well done nearly done!

Small hex nuts at back of removable turret.

Some torx bolts under carpet at front

Various other torx bolts


A box of bits

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