Fitting Sonar Halo BMW Z3 Angel Eyes Headlight Units

Article written and submitted by forum member ‘Zedonist’

Difficulty rating 4/10 – requires a basic knowledge of wiring and using electrical connectors and a methodical approach to preparation and testing

Time taken 2 hours.

Tools Required

Removing / Installing Units

· 8mm Socket

· 8 inch extension Piece

· Bit of grease for the socket

· Torch

Unit Preparation

· Wire Strippers

· Crimping Tool

· Crimps

· Scissors

· Crimps (bullet connectors)

· Insulation Tape

The Process

Before you start and depending on whether you have a garage or not will determine if you do this at night. I have a garage so I reversed the car in and put the dipped beam on and marked the relative centre positions with a cross on the garage door with tape, I then put the main beam on and did the same so I now had four crosses on the garage door. Note do not move the car until you have completed the install and checked alignment.

I have not included any pictures for the removal of the old units or the installation of the new ones as it is just 4 screws with easy access to all, two on the outside upper front and two on the lower back, access through pre- perforated holes in the slam panel. One tip for when putting the units back in is to put a bit of grease in the end of the socket, this will hold the screw while you locate in the hard to reach places at the back, use the torch to give you light to see where you are aiming.

First Job is to replace the orange indicator bulbs that are supplied as standard with Silver Indicator bulbs for a cleaner look. The fitting just twists out and then the bulb is a bayonet fitting, so refitting is a reversal of removing.

Second Job is to prepare the Halo Ring wiring, these are not connected as standard, as there are many options for fitting whether as DRL, Side Lights or Separate Switch. I chose to have them come on with the sidelights, the same as my Halo Fog lights.

To do this you need to wire the red and black wiring from the halo rings into the black and white wiring of the sidelight. Note the instructions with the lights do not tell you which way round to wire these up, the correct method is to wire the red wire of the halo to the black wire of the side light, and the black wire of the Halo to the white wire of the side light, I chose to use bullet connectors for this. You will notice in the photo that I got the wiring wrong first time round but changed to the correct wiring as above in the final iteration.

Third Job is to remove the head light adjustment motor from the old head lights, these just twist out, but you will need to pull them free as the pin is held in with a ball and socket arrangement. You then simply put in the new unit by pushing in and twisting until locked, the ball joint should engage automatically with the socket.

Fourth Job is to install the units into the car and connect all the multi plugs together, and then check the alignment of the beams on the garage door against the previous marks and make adjustments as necessary. For peace of mind I will be taking the car to my local mechanic to test the Lights on the MOT equipment and adjust as required, this should cost no more than drink.

End of article. You now have your BMW Z3 Angel Eyes headlight units fitted and working!