BMW Z3 New Remote Key Cases
Article submitted by Jonttt

I received a full set of keys with the car (x2 remote locking, valet and small plastic wallet key)

One of the main remote keys was mint but one was very worn and had the usual degraded rubber buttons typical of this type of key. With my previous Z3M I had the same issue and purchased a new key off eBay so I decided to do the same.

You can purchase new keys with the electronic parts for c£20 on eBay. These are great if you have lost a key but you have to programme them into the car.

You can also puchase empty cases (ie no electronics) for c£10 + £2 postage which are great if you just want to replace a key as you can just swap over the electrics and use the key with no more messing around.

Either comes with a “blank” key costing £4 to get cut. I purchased the key from here eBay.

The key was even better than the one I had purchased for my previous car and actually feels like its OEM (the previous one was good quality but you could tell the difference side by side with an OEM one, this one you can’t).

Here are the 2 keys, the original with worn buttons on the right and the new one after the blank key has been cut on the left

Remove the rear cover plate to reveal 2 small screws to undo

The two bodies, the original on the right has the eletronics still in, the new one on the left is empty

The electrics just lift out in one. Note there is also a small immobilisor chip (loose underneath) that also has to be swapped over

Simply install them in the new body, put on the rear cover and job is done.

Brand new remote key for £16 all in