After reading various posts regarding the retrofit of cruise control to the various models of Zeds I decided to give cruise control a go on my car.

My car is a 2002 M54 3.0i build date nov 2001 with a fly by wire throttle. As far as I am aware this guide is applicable to all fly by wire throttle Zeds.

Parts Ordered

  • 1 x Interface - £40.88
    1 x Switch - £55.95
    1 x Knob - £5.94

    Total £123.32inc VAT

The cruise control switch/knob & Interface ready for connection to the car

After removal of the bottom steering column cover the picture shows the the cruise control switch installed and cable routed. The switch just pushes in to a pre defined slot.

Connector in place

Interface Installed

Hole section to be cut for the switch

Hole cut in bottom steering column cover

Switch Installed before covers are put back on

Fully Installed

The job took about 1hr to complete and all works as it should :D any question please ask.