BMW Z3 Fuel Sender Unit Removal – fix your faulty fuel guage
Article written and submitted by forum member “Spurs Fan in a Coupe”

This article details how to remove your BMW Z3 Fuel Sender Unit, which is accessible through the cabin of your car. There are a variety of reasons why you would want to do this, but the most common is that your fuel gauge doesn’t work correctly or at all.

WARNING: This is a job for the experienced mechanic, and if you have any doubts over the procedure seek professional assistance! Extreme care should be taken with this procedure as it involves accessing the inner workings of the fuel tank.

Ensure that you have adequate ventilation to ensure that the fuel vapors are not going to be an issue. Also make sure that there are no naked flames nearby (NO SMOKING!)

Tools Required
  • Stanley Knife, or other sharp crafting hobby knife/scalpel
  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Long nose pliers
  • Old rags or tissue to mop up any fuel spills
  • Plastic container to place under car to catch any fuel spills
The Process
1. Remove the seat which covers the access panel to the BMW Z3 Fuel Sender Unit. There are 2 bolts at the rear of the seat rails, and two nuts on the front of the seat rails. Carefully disconnect the wiring under the seat before lifting it out!

2. Locate the cut out panel in the carpeted area directly behind the seat. You will need to carefully cut around this area with your craft/hobby/Stanley knife. There are a series of notches in the carpet so it is a case of working your way slowly around them.

3. Remove the 4 screws on the cover panel behind the carpet.

4. Unclip the slider unit (pushes sideways first then away – bottom right in photo)

5. Remove the small metal clips from the base of the two main pipes. You should be able to remove them with the pliers and a bit of brute force!

Ensure you have some old cloth or tissue to hand as you disconnect the two pipes to catch any spillage, and tuck them out of the way.

6. Remove the black screw top surround. I used a flat screwdriver and tapped on it with a hammer until it dislodged. You can place the screwdriver head on to the black raised sections then tap down on it. Once it is lose it can then be unscrewed fully and removed.

7. Very carefully ease the sender unit out (it is relatively fragile). It is worth placing a plastic box underneath the car at this point to catch any fuel which may be spilled. Also have your rags/tissues available to catch any fuel spills in the car.

Fuel sender unit has been removed and you can now see inside your fuel tank!

You have now removed your BMW Z3 Fuel Sender Unit as seen below. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure!