BMW Z3 Door latch striker replacement wiki
Article submitted by Spurs Fan in a Coupe

I had a problem with the door latch striker on my Z3C, it had worn down and the window kept thinking the door was open so slid down whenever I went over a bump. Very annoying.

New one from BMW for about £20. Part number 6 here – Real OEM Link

This also meant that the door had to be shut carefully or the car wouldn’t lock (car thought the door was open)

Knuckle scratching to change but easy enough. Some photos below.

Loosened off, but try to keep the backing bracket in view, I used the bolts that came out, not a problem until the wire is removed.

Wire connection found and unplugged, one phillips screw behind the seat

Cut old wire off at latch end, taped the new one on to guide through the hole.

Pull it through, re-assemble!