BMW Z3 Detango’d Headlights and Halo’s added
Article submitted by SeaSurfer

Finally got my headlights de-tango’ed, big thank you to Myredzed for helping and showing us the way. Not so scary to put headlights in the oven, once you have seen it done.

We removed the first headlight, removed all bulbs and everything else which moved, then put in oven for 10 mins to soften the mastick. Then separated the unit. Very easy to take out the amber lens and replace with a clear one, literally 2 screws.

Result: Detango’ed – yahoooooooooooo

Then, when we got home, with hubby’s brains and my apprehension, we had a go at fitting Halo’s – wow was that a pain in the a**se – well, the first one was , the second was dead easy so, while Gary worked away, i was busy with the camera.

So off with lights again, back in the oven, and separated again. I had bought CCfl 8000 specifically for a 1998, but hey, they weren’t a perfect straightforward fit, so instead of fitting to the front of the lens, the back of the lens in the headlight casing was dremelled out so that the halo had a small cup to ‘sit in’ and that enabled the halo to follow the circumference of the headlight – and looked much neater than sat on the outside of the lens – phew !!!!! When the lights are switched off, it enhances the look of the shape of each light.

When the positioning was sorted, and the whole unit thoroughly cleaned inside and out, the halos were glued in with neoprene glue (flexible) sureseal in the ‘cup’ and tabbed at the sides and top, part of the headlight unit was put back in the oven and all sealed back together, and refitted to old zeddy today – yahooooo.

I need to get some new bulbs for the headlights and bumper lights, they look dreadful now, which i knew they would after reading some posts on here, so i will get them on Tuesday.

Noticed today that there is a hole in one of his fog light lenses, he looks as if he has been shot so will have to find a replacement for that too.

I am thrilled to bits with his new look.