As it stands there is currently no dedicated BMW Z3 Club in the UK. There are plenty of useful resources out on the internet, and top of that list is the BMW Z3 Forum which has been running since December 2011. We like to think of ourselves as a BMW Z3 Club, as we do all the things that a car club does.

We have all the benefits of a ‘BMW Z3 Club’ but without any membership fees, or subscriptions.

It was formed to not only provide a valuable technical resource, but also as the basis of a BMW Z3 Club. The BMW Z3 Forum has attracted members from all over the UK, as well as many from across the world.

If you are looking to find the usual facilities that a traditional BMW Z3 Club might provide, then look no further than the BMW Z3 Forum.

As well as the BMW Z3 Forum which is used for discussion on every aspect of the BMW Z3 Roadster and Coupe models, there are so many other benefits:
  • Meets and Cruises organised all around the UK
  • Technical Wiki containing essential articles on maintaining and repairing your BMW Z3
  • Media Gallery containing some of the best BMW Z3 images on the internet
  • Showcases allowing members to create a record of their car, and how it is modified/restored during its ownership.
  • Member map showing the location of other BMW Z3 owners across the planet
  • Competitions & give aways
  • Member discounts with insurance companies and BMW parts
  • You can also find us on Facebook
  • We Tweet too
  • You can watch the videos on our YouTube Channel
  • We are also on Google+

We don’t just cater for the BMW Z3 owner, as a few of our members have other cars including the BMW z4. Because we are a friendly bunch we have also had many other BMW Z4 owners wanting to join in the fun, so no matter what Zed you drive you are very welcome here

If you want to come and join us then just register your account. It’s free to become a member of our BMW Z3 Club!

All the pictures on this page have been from previous meets & cruises.

TaffZee Cruise around North Wales

Zed Fest 2012. meetup at hotel, with all 34 Zed’s lined up ready to convoy to Silverstone.
bmw-z3-club3.jpg on the Silverstone F1 Circuit at Zed Fest 2012

Meguiars Detailing day learning skills for detailing our cars!

West County Cruise weekend cruising Devon & Cornwall.