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BMW Z3 Seat Belt Guides (adding or changing)

Mar 29, 2014
BMW Z3 Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

How to fix issues with your BMW Z3 seat belt guides. It’s unfortunately common for the BMW Z3 seat belt guides to snap or break if you are not careful. It’s also quite common for roadster owners to retro fit the M Coupe seats as they are arguably more comfortable (and heated). However the Z3 Coupe seats don’t have a seat belt guide attached to the seat, as this was fixed to the B pillar in the car.

BMW Z3 Seat Belt Guide Basic Repair

Oct 4, 2014
BMW Z3 Guides and How To articles

Most BMW Z3 Owners have suffered from the seat belt guide snapping at some stage during ownership. I have seen quite a few methods of repairing the BMW Z3 seat belt guides on our cars. Here is mine, not as pretty as some but definitely less expensive.

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BMW Z3 Seat Belt Guide Repair

Dec 8, 2013
BMW Z3 Guides and How To articles

This must be the cheapest and quickest repair for a broken seat belt guide. I also carried it out on the unbroken one as well to add strength.

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