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Was going out for a run but to warm so putting roof on Ruby down and going out for a run in her instead of me running.
Hi Lee,
I have a 2.2 roadster, will the same flywheel clutch and gearbox arrangement fit mine with similar mods as Dino's 2.8 or will I have to try something different? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Steve
Hi Steve, it will be a straight fit just like Dino's, it will be good to see if the 2.2 has the torque for the 6th at the lower speeds.
Hi Barry
I am interested in the tilt mod are they still available
I would need to pay for shipment to Canada
Sold my red Z3 a couple of months ago . Regretted it next day . Having searched high and low found this beauty? Early model 1997 with only 79 k miles it is 138 bhp 1.9 got several cars but I just love the shape and economy of the 1.9 .
Please get in touch Dave.
Hi Tony, PM me if you want my contact number. I have replied to your enquiries. The car is still safely tucked up in my garage 👍
Waiting on an update on Ruby as to how she is getting on in the body shop. Don’t like my baby being away lol.