Worthwhile mods.

Chris Hunter

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Jul 26, 2020
Most mods are worthwhile in some way or another, be it applying aesthetic changes to beautify our already pretty little cars such as wheel changes or repaints etc: Or other mods, which we hope will improve performance, not necessarily speed, but handling or road holding. My car is pretty much as it left the factory in appearance the paint work I think is excellent for its year 2000, as is the hood so I have limited my mods to invisible areas. I found its straight line handling was poor,
so my first mod was poly front radius arm bushes. The improvement was quite dramatic. I then fitted a front strut brace and apart from looking nice it had minimal effect. The gearbox was next a set of new shift pins transformed a poor gear change to silky smooth, well worth doing. A new clutch was fitted at the same time. Next came the butt strut with longitudinal front to back tie rods these rods, prevented any front to rear movement of the sub frame beam which are not controlled by the bushes, and the butt strut tied both sides of the car together resulting in a nice tight saloon feeling car. next came the twin eared diff mounting which has already been cataloged on this forum. So most mods are worthwhile doing if it pleases the owner. Of my mods the most effective and pleasing was the gear box, then the butt strut, the front radius arm bushes came next and then the twin eared diff mount. Just my findings and opinion.


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Feb 18, 2016
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Yep new clutch, fly wheel and shift pins has transformed the Z3 from a truck back to a roadster.